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How do I check 2B-1006R Float Valve adjustment?

Hi,I just installed the TurboKool in my motorhome...I saw that it said the float should be set at the factory...is there a way to check the float level?...I heard it filling up, but I'm not sure if it is exactly right.

The float valve comes preset from the factory & should not need any adjustment.
To verify the float valve operation & adjustment

Remove the 2B-0209R Outer cover hood, When the float valve shuts the water off, the water level should be at the white round baffle ring and/or at the bottom of the 2B-1003R Filter Element, about 1" high in the water pan.
ou can look down the motor to where the end of the 2B-0201R Water Spin-Spray Pump cone goes into the water pan.
he end of the cone should be
emerged in the 1" high of water controlled by the 2B-1006R New Float Valve assembly