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How do I check 2B-1006R Float Valve adjustment?

Hi,I just installed the TurboKool in my motorhome...I saw that it said the float should be set at the factory...is there a way to check the float level?...I heard it filling up, but I'm not sure if it is exactly right.

The float valve comes preset from the factory & should not need any adjustment.
To verify the float valve operation & adjustment

Remove the 2B-0209R Outer cover hood, When the float valve shuts the water off, the water level should be at the round baffle ring, no higher than the bottom of the 2B-1003R Filter Element, about 1" high in the water pan.
ou can look down the motor to where the end of the 2B-0201R Water Spin-Spray Pump cone goes into the water pan.
he end of the cone should be
emerged in the 1" high of water controlled by the 2B-1006R New Float Valve assembly.

To adjust the float valve while installed in the TurboKOOL unit:

This is easier if you have 2 people!
Remove the hood, remove the motor/fan/spin-spray pump assembly and lay it to one side, remove the large black industrial filter. Reach inside the cooler and just loosen the butterfly nut Fig. #4 (G), allowing the float valve to float freely.
Let in a very small amount of water.
When the water level in the water pan reaches approximately 1” deep, have your helper quickly close the shut off valve.
Then you can take your time setting the float and tightening the butterfly nut.
To be sure you’ve got the right water depth, do this procedure several times until the float valve automatically shuts off every time without your intervention.

Note: If the valve stays open too long, the water will continue to flow into the water pan until it overflows. If the valve closes too soon, then not enough water will flow into the water pan. Ideally the valve should shut off just as the water reaches the bottom of the plastic baffle ring.

Next re-install the filter, motor/fan/spin-spray pump assembly. At this point, be sure that the bottom of the spin-spray pump is approximately 1/2” above the bottom of the water pan. You can adjust the height of the spin-spray pump cone by loosing the 3 bolts around the body housing of the motor and slide the
motor/fan/spin-spray pump assembly up or down to obtain the necessary 1/2" clearance between the water pan and bottom of the cone of the spin-spray pump.

Warning: Before starting your TurboKOOL, it’s very important that the water level be checked.
Make sure the float valve is adjusted to shut the water off when the water level in the water pan reaches approximately 1” deep.

Note: Driving with your TurboKOOL unit on may cause water spillage inside your vehicle.
However, if you take it upon yourself to do so, do not drive over extremely bumpy roads (such as off-road) as this may cause spillage.

If you are going to drive on extremely bumpy roads, you can shut off your water supply to the TurboKOOL unit by switching off the power to the RV water pump or closing the inline water shut-off valve in the water supply line to the TurboKOOL unit.
The reason for this is to prevent possible spillage into your unit. You may wish to run the cooler on “HI” speed for a few minutes after you shut the water off to lower the water level in the water pan before driving.