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TurboKOOL RV Evaporative Air (Swamp) Cooler
Previously known as RECAIR

Check Out these TurboKOOL Benefits and Features:

  • Operates with a solar panel and/or on a standard 12-volt system
  • Amp draw: High: 4.8 amps Med: 3.2 amps Low: 2.2 amps
  • Cools 750cfm, or an RV approx 20'-25'
  • Advanced spin-cooling technology
  • Economical operation
  • Maintenance FREE (only one moving part)
  • Easy to clean
  • Built-in reservoir
  • Dry air used to cool motor for LONGER MOTOR LIFE
  • "Spin-Spray" pump cannot wear out or burn out
  • No bearings or motors exposed to wet air
  • Spraying water over entire surface of filter ensures peak COOLING and FILTERING
  • Efficiency. Much more efficient than dripping water over a filter
  • Non-organic industrial foam filter element - no bacterial growth or foul odors
  • Temperature reduction is usually between 20 - 30 degrees
  • TurboKOOL "Spin-Spray" technology was previously available only in RECAIR coolers
  • Easy installation with simple hand tools
  • TurboKOOL can be adapted to nearly any remote, stand-alone cooling requirement
  • SPIN-SPRAY action literally washes dust, pollen and impurities from the air & filter
  • Converts hot, stuffy and dirty air to COOL, CLEAN AIR
  • No generator or 110v power needed to run TurboKOOL
  • Automatic water level control valve
  • One year WARRANTY* on all parts
  • Fits all standard 14" x 14" roof vent openings
  • Streamlined styling - low profile "no-snag" contour reduces wind resistance
  • Recommended for areas where the average relative humidity does not exceed 75%
  • Weighs just 16 lbs. and measures a compact 35" x 22" x 11.5"
  • Quiet and efficient operation
  • All rust-resistant construction
  • Individually adjustable louvres for air distribution the way you direct it
  • Unit can also be used as an exhaust fan
  • Body and hood are UV protected to prevent cracking, discoloration and fading
  • Pump can not be damaged if run without water
  • Dry-camping is finally a real pleasure
  • Some replacement parts for original RECAIR coolers available

  • Great for cooling on:
    • RVs / Campers / Caravans
    • Toy Haulers
    • Long Hauler Trucks
    • Travel Trailers
    • Pick-up Campers
    • Tent Trailers
    • Motorhomes
    • Boats
    • Houseboats
    • Work Trailers
    • On-site Remote Mobile Offices
    • Racing Trailers
    • Horse/Dog Trailers
    • Farm Equipment
    • Construction Equipment
    • Chicken & Turkey Farms
    • Military Bases
    • Busses
    • Animal Control Trucks
    • Postal Trucks
    • Workshops
    • Golf Carts
    • ????? Let us know!